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Mission Statement

FQCS, Inc. is a commercial cleaning company that focuses on developing and designing environmentally safe cleaning systems to complement Green Building programs to fit your need. We feel that it is imperative that assertive actions are needed to improve the health and safety of our environment inside and outside.

Environmental Needs

We feel that every organization is different and has different needs. Environmentally preferable products have lesser or reduced effects on human health and the environment when we compare to other products that serve the same purpose. Improved environment conditions will increase employee's performance and morale as well as decrease the absenteeism rate.

Below is a list of major areas of concern to be addressed by FQCS, Inc. when cleaning your facility:

  • Entrances
  • Restrooms
  • Vents
  • All carpet and floors
  • Chairs, desks and tables

The use of the green-clean products and a designed cleaning program will promote a healtier environment for your employees and staff.

Our Goals

FQCS, Inc. environmental service goals are as follows:
  • Improve the health of our customers in their facility by using environmentally safe cleaning products.
  • Educate custodians on new cleaning technologies, products and environmental issues.
  • Train both the customers' contract cleaners and custodians on the use and importance of environmentally preferable cleaning chemicals and systems.
  • Involve customers' administration and neighboring community by explaining the project and how cleaning positively affects health.
  • utilize U.S. Green Building Councils LEED standards and return on investment tools to develop green cleaning standards that are cost effective and productive.

More importantly, all associates are expected to do their part to maintain suitable healthy work conditions.

Enviro Care

High Performance Environmentally Preferable Green housekeeping:
  • Educate custodians on new cleaning technologies, products and environmental issues.People spend 90% of their time indoors.
  • 1 out of 13 people have asthma
  • Indoor air contaminants can reach levels as high as 100 times that of outdoor air.
  • Estimated health cost and productivity losses are in the $100 billions annually.


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